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As a bridge that connects the reality and digital world, Vast Cloud-Based IoT Platform has a powerful data computation capability. With an underlying structure that has powerful analytical computation and is capable of receiving massive data, it builds a firm foundation for your IoT ecosystem.

Apart from transmitting the data of your device or sensor, Vast Cloud-Based IoT Platform can effectively analyze collected derivative data and formulate business insights that drive decisions to reach the real value of IoT ecosystem.

  • 1. High throughout

    The platform can collect and process enormous data flow with its timely and efficient processing capability.

  • 2. Scalability

    The platform can meet the needs of future data growth after a substantial growth.

  • 3. High availability

    Apart from guaranteed delivery, the auto-switch function, which takes almost no time, will be activated in case of finding any abnormality.

  • 4. Supporting multiple platforms

    The collected data can be provided in various data formats in order to support diverse data sources and application platforms.

  • 5. Excellent transmission efficiency

    Unnecessary data duplication and storage shall be avoided during the transmission (In-Flight).

  • 6. Data quality control

    The large amount of data does not imply a guaranteed data quality. A successful big data analysis requires relevant and accurate data.

  • 7. Optimal use of the data

    After obtaining sufficient and enormous data, a predictive analysis can be carried out using machine learning.

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